While in Austin for the ACP journalism convention, I participated in a contest with the theme “Keep Austin Weird”. 60+ photographers scoured the city looking for the weirdest shot they could get, and trust me, there was plenty of weirdness going on. Unfortunately somehow both of my lenses for my camera decided to stop working on me, which made the task very difficult. I had such a hard time dealing with these lenses that I almost just skipped out on the contest all together but decided I should still just keep on trying. In the end the results weren’t anything fabulous in my opinion, but one of my images made it into the 3rd round of voting during the critique session. Not bad considering I wasn’t going to turn it in at all.

Below are the two photo’s I submitted into the contest. I definitely saw things way more “weird” than this, but these were the only ones that were remotely close enough to “turn in” quality. Stupid lenses.


This is the photo that everyone seemed to like best. Yes they are real parrots. This guy walked around 6th street carrying these on his shoulder and charged people to get their pictures taken with them.


This is Carlos enjoying his Texan cigar on 6th. We actually posed this photo for fun, and not originally for the contest. I submitted it because it was one of the few I had worth submitting quality wise.

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